var life = "We know we are special, 
            yet we keep trying to find out in what way: 
            not this way, not that way, then what way.";

Fine I’ll Admit It.

CS major, Python coder, Data Analysis & Visualization, FOSS evangelist, and a Google Developer Group Lead.

I am a student of life’s lessons. If I were to take a hard, calculating look around and behind me, from the present moment back to my first flash of sentient thought, I bet I could easily say that I have spent most of my life subtly swimming in a pool of teachers. In fact, I believe we could all say that, because we have lessons to learn from every person we interact with—if you look deeply enough.

I’m passionate about programming, user experience, and communities. Focused on performance oriented development of web-services, and back-end components using Django, and other Python-related technologies. I’m also the guy who’ll fix your broken computer.

I grew up in Srinagar, Kashmir, which is a really beautiful place - even though there’s a really good chance you’ll freeze to death here or get struck by a stray bullet.

Learning from life with each passing day. Thank God for sapience.

Current Status:

I’m currently available for hire.

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